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Keesee Associates

We Design Your Vision

In our Studio, we want our designs to be a distinct reflection of our client’s needs, desires, and dreams. We strive to exceed expectations and distinguish ourselves from others by carefully consider all aspects and every want and requirement of our clients. We recognize that each project and client is different, and we let those differences guide the design process.We always work to make the design what was first envisioned.

Practical Design for Living

We believe in the luxury of practical conveniences. Not only do we want to help you create the design of your dreams, we also want it to improve people’s way of life. Modern times call for comprehensive designs respecting the everyday needs, instead of conforming to the elements of the space. By combining each ingredient with our professional design resources, we are able to achieve amazing results in an atmosphere of timeless style, flexibility, and comfort.

Creating Buildings and Relationships

Great relationships are born from close collaboration between our clients and the Studio. This collaboration includes considering all aspects of the design process with you on a schedule that is most efficient and cost-effective. By merging your imagination with the expertise and personal attention of one of our design professionals, a detailed plan of action is produced to accomplish a project in a timely manner.

We have earned a notable reputation on national and international scales for customer satisfaction. Our professional staff is experienced and expertly trained in areas of architecture, design, engineering, and construction.

By the end of each project, our hope is that we exceed your expectations. We combine important business considerations – proper respect for the site, sustainability, functional space methodology, and up-to-date design expertise, so that when your vision meets our professional skill, it ensures the design will be unparalleled, and complete with comfort.

Quiet Delicacy and Grace with Historical Tendencies

At Keesee Associates, we have made it our goal to continually learn from such prestigious institutions as the Institute of Classical Architecture/Classic America (NYC). We continue to expand our knowledge of design fundamentals through the exploration and study of the classical language. We believe that knowledge of the classical design vocabulary is valuable to the designer, regardless of the type and style of design being practiced. Modern classicism is not a return to the classic building styles of the Greeks, Romans, or the Renaissance masters. Rather, it involves a systematic investigation of set principles and forms that we rejected by the design community in the middle to late 20th century but have been slowing emerging again in modern practice. We are proud to be part of this new movement.